About Us

We are not a traditional spa with all the fluff and no results.

We’re just not designed that way. We are different for a reason.

At DeStress we believe in two really important missions about our company:

  • We want to provide great spa services in an atmosphere that makes the DeStresser want to come regularly making DeStress a regular habits
  • We want to provide the opportunity for spa professionals to thrive in their careers and be honored for the individuals and talents they bring to our company. 
We are fortunate enough to have amazing DeStressers and a staff that get that we are not like a “normal” spa. No we don’t stick you in cold, sterile rooms hoping you get into a relaxed mood. Our therapists are not wearing the same uniforms, and don’t do a “corporate approved massage.” We don’t keep our “dirty laundry” about the family dynamics to ourselves, and frankly we could be a reality show. We are a combination of sassy and serene, we get that life isn’t just one or the other. We don’t have clients, but DeStressers individuals who get that it is critical in our busy world to take a break for a massage, nail, or skin service. This isn’t vanity but important for your overall wellness plan.


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