Men’s Services

The Man-U

The woman in your life is hinting that you should get a massage or try a pedicure.  You’re thinking “Do dudes really do that?”


At DeStress Express we offer the services and privacy for men who want spa services without losing their man card.

From the Dude Pedicure in our private nail suite to our famous Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Massage, the staff at DeStress Express is ready to help you get your spa on.

Hands and Feet

MANicure……. 25.00

Our nail therapists will moisturize, scrub, and soak all the dead skin away addressing serious nail issues like fungus, ingrown nails, and nail biting.

The Dude Pedicure……. 33.00

For the manliest of men our Dude Pedicure includes, scrub, massage, cuticle care, and buffing of the nails.


Back Wax…. 50.00

Chest Wax… 40.00

Stomach Wax 25.00

Bro-kini……… 35.00

Bro-Zillian…… 70.00

Ears………….. 13.00

Massage Therapy

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Known as the “The Deepest Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet.” Profoundly deep work without the uncomfortable pressure of a typical deep tissue massage.

60 minutes…. 67.50

90 minutes…. 87.50

Deep Tissue Massage

 A hands on massage, not for wimps.  Designed to help with pain, soreness, and extremely tight muscles.

30 minutes…. 47.50

60 minutes…. 67.50

90 minutes…. 87.50

 Relaxation Massage

Being a man these days is stressful.  Take a break from work, women, and your other 99 problems.  This moderate-pressure Swedish style massage is awesome.

30 minutes…. 37.50

60 minutes…. 57.50

90 minutes…. 77.50

 Advance Skin Care

Sports Facial….. 62.50

This facial is designed to help men improve their skin, with exfoliation, extractions, and moisturizing.

Microdermabrasion …. 72.50

Does the work of five facials in under 30 minutes!

Peels….. 65.00 and up

Remove fine lines and wrinkles and reverse sun damage.  Combine with a microdermabrasion session for maximum.

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